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Breast Augmentation Houston Texas Before and After Photos

Aesthetic Surgery Institute - ASI, TX

Country: United States
State: Texas
City: Houston
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Aesthetic Surgery Institute

The Aesthetic Surgery Institute is pleased to welcome you to our facility. Located in the Galleria, the financial heart of Houston, we are amount the Houston’s premier choices for cosmetic surgery. We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible aesthetic outcomes for our patients, whether these should be in the field of breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, or laser hair removal. All surgical procedures are performed by board-certified surgeons, who place your safety and well-being above all else. Our surgeons are at the forefront of their fields and have more than 25 years of combined experience in surgery. At our state-of-the art facility, we offer the best possible care and education of our patients, as together we bring the forth new concepts of beauty defined.


Facial Rejuvenation

At Aesthetic Surgery Institute we understand how and why the face ages. A big part of successful facial rejuvenation is taking the time to listen to the needs of each patient specifically. Face lift, brow lift and eye lid surgery are some of the procedures that help restore loss of volume and provide a more youthful appearance while diminishing unwanted sagging and wrinkling. Our talented doctors at Aesthetic Surgery Institute are fully trained in cosmetic surgery and take pride in always providing the most natural results possible. While browsing through the links below you will find more specific details about the different facial rejuvenation procedures we offer.

Breast Enhancement

Aesthetic Surgery Institute offers different options in breast enhancement surgery and each surgery is tailored to fit the needs and wants of each patient. Some of the different options for breast enhancement are breast implants, breast lift and breast reduction. The doctors at Aesthetic Surgery Institute believe that breast enhancement surgery is not only a medical procedure but also an art form and they constantly strive for the most beautifully natural results. In the links below you will find specific details for each type of breast enhancement surgery that we offer.

Body Contouring

As we age the effects of gravity, genetics and life experiences become more and more obvious and we are always looking for something to restore our youthful curves and proportions. At Aesthetic Surgery Institute we have many different options to help you achieve the results that you have been waiting for. Some of the areas we can help re-shape are the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper torso and arms. Aesthetic Surgery Institute’s experienced doctors are dedicated to making you feel comfortable in achieving the results that you desire. In the links below you will find further details about our body contouring procedures.

Options For Men

Today we live in a world where health and fitness are major priorities. Eating right, proper exercise and total body health are important factors in our everyday lives. In an effort to remain healthy and young looking, many men have turned to cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, abdominal etching, breast reduction, and tummy tuck. The ideal male body shape is considered to be trim and athletic-looking, with broad shoulders and chest, a flat abdomen, and a narrow hip-thigh area. However, as men age, areas of fat tend to accumulate around the abdomen, the flanks (“love handles”), and along the chin and neck.


Aesthetic Surgery Institute offers the most advanced, most innovative non surgical cosmetic procedures available today for complete facial rejuvenation. Though most people will not admit to judging people by their appearance, the fact is that first impressions do count. Snap decisions are made, not only on your physical appearance, but also on the level of confidence you project. Improving your appearance with facial rejuvenation treatments can improve your self-confidence and, in turn, lead to an enhanced sense of wellbeing, more fulfilling relationships, and even better career opportunities. At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we fully understand the important relationship between your aesthetic appearance and your well-being. Even in today’s highly competitive career settings, looking younger and healthier can be as important as possessing excellent skills.

Beauty and Laser

At Aesthetic Surgery Institute, we understand that life is more enjoyable when you love the way you look. That’s why in addition to our surgical and nonsurgical services, we provide a wide range of non-invasive medical, cosmetic and rejuvenating treatments for men and women of all ages and all skin types in a warm, caring atmosphere.We offer a multitude of solutions to your aesthetic concerns. We have taken the utmost care in selecting only the latest, most revolutionary technologies, Candela GentleMax, for unmatched safety and treatment efficacy. Our focus is to deliver results that your friends and family will notice, while not compromising on the safety, convenience and comfort of our treatments.

  • Signature Facial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser Acne Treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Facial and Leg Veins Therapy:
    – Laser vein therapy
    – Sclerotherapy
    – Micro Phlebectomy
    – Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)
  • Laser Photo Rejuvenation
  • Facial Rejuvenation and skin tightening
  • Hand Rejuvenation Treatment
  • Bridal Services

Languages: English - Spanish

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