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Michael Miroshnik, AUSTRALIA, M.D.
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Michael Miroshnik, AUSTRALIA

Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
City: Sydney
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9:00 and 17:00 hours
Training / Credentials

Dr Michael Miroshnik MBBS, FRACS (PLAS.) Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Michael Miroshnik is a fully qualified Australian trained Plastic Surgeon specialising in cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. He is a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) and a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (FRACS). The Royal Australian College of Surgeons is the only statutory recognised body for the training of plastic surgeons in Australia.

After completing 6 years of medical & surgical training at the University of Sydney, he was awarded the Sidney B Clipsham Memorial Prize in Operative Surgery and then embarked on his journey into the world of plastic surgery. After a further 10 years of training amongst all the major hospitals in Sydney, Dr Miroshnik was awarded his FRACS (PLAS.) degree. Over this 10 year period, Dr Miroshnik performed over 5000 surgical procedures involving every part of the body.

To further his understanding and knowledge of cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr Miroshnik visited several leading centres in Europe to have a more global sense of the latest techniques available. He spent several months within the leading plastic surgical units in London, Paris, Rome & Stockholm developing new ideas and exchanging information with notable surgeons.

Dr Miroshnik has been widely published within medical literature and regularly presents talks in scientific meetings around the world. Through his work in Royal North Shore Hospital, he is also actively involved in educating and training future plastic surgeons in both reconstructive as well as cosmetic plastic surgery. His teachings emphasise both the scientific as well as the artistic aspects of the field.

Dr Miroshnik specialises in short scar, minimally invasive plastic surgery of the breast, face & body producing natural looking, beautiful results. He also regularly attends both national & international society meetings to stay abreast of the latest techniques on offer, which he can then confidently offer to his patients.

Professional Memberships
  • Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS)
  • Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
  • Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)
  • Australian Association of Surgeons
  • Australian Medical Association
Important Note when Choosing Your Surgeon

In Australia, just about anyone with a basic medical degree is allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. In fact, currently there is no legislation in place which stops any doctor, even your local GP, without having undergone formal surgical training to call themselves a 'surgeon'.

Your only safeguard is to look for the letters FRACS (PLAS.) under a doctor's name and check that they are affiliated with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), as only fully qualified plastic surgeons have these titles and memberships. They reflect many years of training & exams (at least 10 years) in surgery far beyond the medical school period.

Procedures Breast

A woman's breasts help define her femininity, and with the vast differences in shape, size, and appearance, breasts further help to define her individualism. Cosmetic plastic surgical procedures of the breast can enlarge (augment), reduce, lift or completely reshape both the breast and the nipple/areola.

Dr Miroshnik is widely renowned for his exceptional work on the breast, specialising in short incision breast surgery. This allows him to use the very latest techniques to produce natural looking, dramatic results with little to show for it.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as breast enlargement or breast implant surgery, is Dr Miroshnik's most commonly performed procedure. He is widely renowned around Australia and New Zealand for producing exceptional results that are in total harmony and balance with the woman’s figure.

Breast Reduction

Women with excessively large breasts desire not only an improvement in breast size & shape but also an improvement in lifestyle. These women report difficulty with exercise, activities of everyday living, finding appropriately sized bras, maintaining hygiene under the breast and troublesome strap marks. But this can all be changed with a single procedure!


With the passage of time, the breasts undergo changes in response to factors such as genetics, the aging process, pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain or loss, and hormonal fluctuations. Breasts that were once firm and shapely often begin to sag and droop giving them a loose or heavy appearance. A breast lift, or mastopexy, can help restore a firmer, shapelier breast, which will improve body contours and give the breasts a perky, youthful appearance.

Male Breast Reduction

Many men suffer from a condition known as gynaecomastia, or ‘feminisation’ of the male breast. In this condition extra fat and breast tissue accumulate in the chest area, giving the male an unnatural feminine fullness to their chest. Gynaecomastia can occur secondarily as a result of several medical conditions or certain drugs. Alternatively, it may occur without any predisposing factor. Either way, it is a condition that can be very embarrassing for many men.

Nipples Reshaping

Nipples come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common complaint is a nipple that is inverted or non-protruding. Alternatively, the areola, the pigmented region around the nipple may be too large for the breast. Some, such as those that are undergoing breast reconstruction, have lost their nipple altogether and need a new one created.

Breast Argumentation Correction

Problems with breast augmentation may occur as a result of poor planning, poor surgery or simply as a result of the way scarring and healing has occurred in the individual patient.

Dr Miroshnik treats many patients who have had their breast augmentation surgery performed elsewhere around the country. The assessment process and the technical aspects of the corrective surgery itself are usually many times more complicated than primary (or first-time) breast augmentation. For this reason, secondary (or corrective) plastic surgery is usually more expensive and takes much longer. It is usually, however, at least partially health fund rebatable.


Now available is the non-surgical breast augmentation/ breast enlargemement.

The procedure involves using an injectable filler to increase the volume of the breasts and hence breast size. The filler is very similar to the filler that is used to augment lips but is thicker so that it lasts a lot longer.

Procedures Body

Our bodies are many and varied. They can change shape with our environment, age, diet and exercise habits. Plastic surgical procedures on the body can achieve dramatic results which lead to a greater self-confidence and quality of life. To benefit best from them, it is important that you have stabilised your weight for at least 6 months.

Please select a procedure from the above subheadings to learn more about it.

Liposuction and Liposculpture

Liposuction, which is also known as liposculpture or lipoplasty, is a very commonly performed plastic surgery procedure used for removing stubborn deposits of fat through tiny incisions. In doing so, the contours of the body can be changed to create a slimmer and more attractive figure.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is an operation that is designed to reshape the abdomen. It works by removing bulges, loose skin, fat deposits, and stretch marks from this region and yields dramatic results.

Belly Button Reshaping

There are many reasons for people to consider belly button reshaping surgery. One of the more common reasons is the presence of what's known as an umbilical (or paraumbilical) hernia.

In this condition, a defect in the abdominal musculature allows the protrusion of intra-abdominal contents to the surface. This often manifests itself as an 'outie' belly button and is a common feature post-pregnancy. It can effectively be surgically corrected by repairing the defect in the muscles with a hidden incision. Alternatively, it can be addressed as part of a complete tummy tuck procedure.

Lower Body Lift

For those who have lost a significant amount of weight, such as those who have undergone bariatric surgery, there is often a significant excess of loose, sagging skin that doesn't tighten on its own. Such skin can detract from the aesthetic appearance of the weight loss.

Thigh Lift

Sometimes, thigh liposuction alone is not enough to reshape large or flabby thighs correctly. This occurs particularly when there is an excessive skin component. Often, this may be attributable to the patient who has lost a lot of weight. In these circumstances, excess deposits of skin and fat around the thigh area may require a lateral or medial thigh lift to reshape the area.

Arm Lift

Excessive deposits of skin and fat in the upper arm region (flabby arms) may need more than simple arm liposuction of the area to produce the desired change. An arm lift procedure, or brachioplasty, combines the use of liposuction with incisions in the inner arm and armpit to tighten the surrounding skin and produce slimmer more attractive arms.

Gynaecological Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty (or labioplasty) is a procedure that is designed to reshape the lips and clitoral hood of the vulva. Often the inner lips (Labia Minora) are too excessive, uneven, too thick or non-symmetrical in women. This can in turn interfere with self confidence, sexual activity as well as the activities of daily living.

Post Pregnancy Makeover

Becoming a mother, is a new and exciting stage in most women's lives. However, as any mother will tell you- there are many changes to the body that occur as a result of pregnancy and breast-feeding. These changes are often compounded with multiple pregnancies. However, the good news is that most of these changes are reversible!

Reconstructive Surgery

The goals of reconstructive surgery differ from those of cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body, caused by birth defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma or injury, infection, tumours, or disease. It is generally performed not just to improve appearance but often, more importantly, to improve function.

Procedures face

Our face distinguishes us from one another - its structure, appearance and expressions gives us an identity and conveys to the world how we are feeling. Both surgical and non-surgical means are effective in rejuvenating or reshaping any part of the face.

For more information, please select your area of interest and don’t forget to look in the Skin section too, for useful adjuncts to these procedures.

Nose Surgery

Nose Reshaping (Nose Job), or Rhinoplasty, is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. Often, the structure or size of the nose is not proportionate with the other features on the face. Nose reshaping procedures can help to correct the disproportionate appearance of the nose by altering the size or shape of the nose, the nasal tip, the span of the nostrils, or the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Eyelid Surgery

Over time, the eyes undergo changes that often make people feel as if they appear sad or tired. The aging process can cause the eyelids to sag and droop, which in combination with bags and puffiness can make you look tired and older than you really are.

Brow Lift

A brow lift, or forehead lift, can help rejuvenate the upper face by lifting the brow line to a higher, more youthful, position and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles of the forehead. The procedure is done endoscopically, using small concealed scars within the hair of the scalp.

Face and Neck Lift

Our face distinguishes us from one another- its structure, appearance and expressions gives us an identity and conveys to the world how we are feeling. As such, age-related changes that can alter the appearance of the face may make an individual feel as if their identity has changed over time.

Ear Surgery

Ear Reshaping Surgery, or Otoplasty, is a procedure that is used to ‘pin back’ overly prominent ears. This involves re-setting the ear closer to the head and sometimes a reduction in the overall size of the ear. The goal is to achieve a natural appearance with the ears in harmony with the remainder of the face.

Facial Implants

Facial implants are designed to enhance the facial features by creating volume and smooth, round contours- creating a proportional and balanced appearance. Although they can be used alone, facial implants are often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for a more total effect.

Gummy Smile Surgery

Many people feel self conscious about smiling because they show too much gum tissue as their lip elevates. This condition, known as a ‘gummy smile’ is often caused by a number of factors. These factors include overactive lip elevator muscles, too much gingival/mucosal tissues as well as too much maxillary height. The good news is that there is a relatively small procedure that may be performed under local anaesthetic that greatly improves this condition. Dr Miroshnik is one of the only plastic surgeons in the country who performs this technique.

Fat Transfer

As the face ages, it loses volume particularly in areas like the cheeks, lips and around the eyes. It is often quite useful to combine a liposuction procedure with volume restoration of the face by transferring the removed fat to areas where it is needed. The fat is injected using blunt needles so no facial scars are created during the procedure. As opposed to synthetic dermal fillers, the transferred fat stays permanently where it is placed.

Non Surgical

There has been tremendous progress in the field of non-surgical facial rejuvenation and reshaping in the last few years. Multiple products and injectables, when used correctly and in the right combinations can produce results that will literally amaze you. With little to no down-time, minimal discomfort and instant results, it’s no wonder why non-surgical alternatives are becoming more and more popular within our busy, working environment.

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