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State: California
City: Thousand Oaks
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Serving LA, Encino, San Fernando Valley Plastic Surgery Patients
Dr. George Sanders is a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon. From his premiere LA / Encino plastic surgery offices he offers a wide range of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures to his patients. Patients come from across the LA basin and San Fernando Valley to be treated by Dr. Sanders.
Born and raised in Texas, Dr. Sanders graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Rice University. He attended Harvard Medical School where he was elected to the Aesculapian Club for excellence in scholarship and leadership. He then completed his general surgery training as the Chief Resident at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he earned the Leo Rigler Award for excellence in surgery. His plastic surgery residency was completed at UCLA where he studied with a number of well-known cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons. He lives in Southern California with his wife and children and he is active in church and community affairs.
Encino Surgicenter is our surgical facility located adjacent to our office. It was specially designed and constructed for plastic surgery. Most of our surgical procedures are performed here as it is more convenient, more personal, and less expensive than a hospital.
This facility is expertly outfitted and has the technical safeguards of hospital operating rooms. Both Anesthesiologists and Anesthetists provide anesthesia for us. We are a Medicare Certified Ambulatory Surgical Center and are accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF).
Overnight care facilities are available for those Encino and Los Angeles plastic surgery patients not wanting to return home immediately after surgery. Transportation is provided to the facility and back to our office. Professional care can be provided on a 24 hour basis.
Over the years, Dr. Sanders has established a reputation as a highly talented Los Angeles breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tuck specialist. He uses these procedures to help patients achieve beautifully sculpted, attractive body profiles. In addition, Dr. Sanders has many years’ experience performing facial beautification procedures and is renowned as a leading LA facelift and rhinoplasty expert. Please visit the respective pages to learn more about these and other procedures offered by Dr. Sanders.

Board Certified
Dr. Sanders is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  This is a crucial factor in the choosing of a plastic surgeon. To find out more about Board Certification.
• Rice University 1970-1974
• Houston, Texas, B.A., 1974
• Magna Cum Laude
• Phi Beta Kappa
• Phi Lambda Upsilon
Medical Training
• Harvard Medical School 1974-1978
• Boston, Massachusetts, M.D., 1978
• Aesculapian Club
• Surgery 1978-1980 - UCLA Medical Center - Los Angeles, California - Surgical Resident of the Year, 1979-1980
• General Surgery 1980-1982, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
• Chief Resident, General Surgery 1982-1983, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, Leo Rigler Award for Surgical Excellence
• Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1983-1985, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California
• Co-Director of The Laser Institute at the Medical Center of North Hollywood, 1985-1990
• Chairman, Department of Surgery, Medical Center of North Hollywood, 1988
• Instructor in Surgery, Northridge Hospital Medical Center, Family Practice Residency,
• Case Consultant, Medical Board of California, 1990-1993
• American Board of Plastic Surgery (1986)
• American Board of Surgery (1985)
• American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• American Society of Plastic Surgeons
• California Society of Plastic Surgeons
• Los Angeles County Medical Association
• California Medical Association
• American Medical Association
• UCLA Plastic Surgical Society
• Phi Beta Kappa, Rice University
• Phi Lambda Upsilon, Rice University
• Magna Cum Laude, Rice University
• Aesculapian Club, Harvard Medical School
• Surgical Resident of the Year, UCLA, 1979-1980
• Leo Rigler Award, Cedars-Sinai, 1982-1983
• Eagle Scout
• Named annually as one of Americas Top Plastic Surgeons by the Consumer Research Council
• Certificate for Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• Has presented papers at national and international meetings
• Has appeared on CNN, Fox and other network TV programs as an invited expert on plastic surgery
• Board of Directors of The Master’s College and Seminary, Santa Clarita, CA
• Board of Advisors of Oaks Christian School, Westlake Village, CA
• Elder at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA
• Encino-Tarzana Regional Medical Center
• Encino Surgicenter, Co-Medical Director
• Breast Augmentation
A woman’s body shape and contour are very important for her appearance and self-esteem. A number of factors can affect the breast contour, including heredity, age and child bearing. Dr. Sanders is a gifted Los Angeles / Encino breast augmentation surgeon who can help offset these factors and enhance a woman’s bust line. He offers various sizes and shapes of breast implants to help meet the individual needs of each patient seeking breast augmentation in LA / Encino. In the paragraph below he further explains the breast augmentation procedure.
For the woman who feels her breast size is too small, or not properly contoured, cosmetic breast enhancement can be the answer. With years of experience, Dr. Sanders, is well known for his excellence in aesthetic breast surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. For his Encino breast augmentation patients, he is able to increase size, fullness and elevation while artistically shaping the breast into a natural pleasing contour. Both saline and silicone implants are available, and are placed through minimal incisions. By utilizing the "dual plane" technique, a method that involves placing the implant partially under the muscle, discomfort is minimized, allowing breast augmentation Los Angeles patients to return to normal activities almost immediately after surgery. Drain tubes are rarely used. Dr. Sanders operates from his premiere Encino cosmetic surgery office serving the greater Los Angeles area.
• Breast Reduction
Breast reduction is a procedure used to reduce and reshape excessively large breasts. Dr. Sanders is a gifted Encino plastic surgeon who has helped many women enhance their breast shape and contour using the breast reduction procedure. He is well known for his skill in aesthetic breast surgery. In the paragraphs below, Dr. Sanders describes this procedure and the results his breast reduction Los Angeles / Encino patients can achieve through it. You can also view the before and after photos to see the remarkable transformations of Encino breast reduction patients.
Some women are bothered with very large breasts and may experience a variety of medical problems, including back and shoulder pain. In these cases Dr. Sanders performs breast reduction to reduce size, improve comfort and appearance. The procedure involves reducing skin and fat from the breast tissue and tightening the remaining skin. In some cases the areola is moved up on the breast so that it is symmetrically centered on the new breast shape. Dr. Sanders operates from his Encino plastic surgery facility.
• Breast Lift
Breasts can droop or sag due to aging or child bearing. Dr. Sanders is a gifted Encino plastic surgeon who has helped many women regain their breast shape and contour using the breast lift procedure. He is well known for his skill in aesthetic breast surgery. In the paragraphs below he describes the popular breast lift procedure.  Please view the before and after photos to see results for LA and Encino breast lift patients.
Dr. Sanders performs breast lift, known as mastopexy, to raise and reshape sagging breasts. The length of the incision required depends on the degree of drooping, with many of our patients choosing a short scar encircling the areola only. Encino / Los Angeles breast lift patients with more drooping of the breasts may require the "lollipop" or "full lift" scars. Special scar treatments after surgery minimize their appearance. In many cases patients opt for placement of an implant at the same time as the lift so as to minimize the length of the scar required for the uplift and to restore more fullness to the upper breast.
• Liposuction
Liposuction is used to remove fat from under the skin and smooth out bulges and fatty areas. By undergoing liposuction in LA / Encino, patients can enhance not only their appearance but also greatly improve their self-confidence. Dr. Sanders utilizes the advanced technique of Tumescent and Ultrasonic assisted Liposuction as well as Microliposuction to contour a shapely body as he removes fat cells in the hips, thighs, buttocks and other areas. These procedures can be performed separately, or in conjunction with sculpting other areas of the body.
• Tummy Tuck
We all desire a flat tummy, but age, child bearing and weight gain can cause a protruding stomach or loose skin. To correct these aesthetic problems, Dr. Sanders performs tummy tuck in Los Angeles / Encino. This procedure, also known as abdominoplasty, helps remove excess skin and fat, as well as unsightly stretch marks from the abdominal area. As part of a tummy tuck, he can also tighten the abdominal muscles if necessary. The incision is kept as short as possible and hidden within clothing lines. Dr. Sanders’ surgical technique results in an extremely natural looking belly button. The procedure is usually done without the use of drain tubes. Pain pumps are often used to minimize any discomfort tummy tuck LA patients might experience. Dr. Sanders operates from his premiere Encino plastic surgery offices.
• Thigh Lift
Dr. Sanders has multiple years’ experience performing thigh lift surgery. His reputation for outstanding aesthetic results and impeccable patient care attracts numerous thigh lift Los Angeles, Encino and San Fernando Valley patients every year. When performing thigh lift surgery, Dr. Sanders places incisions in inconspicuous areas, such as the junction of the thigh with the groin. For patients who require a more comprehensive approach, incisions are sometimes also placed along the inside of the thigh. During thigh lift surgery, Dr. Sanders removes excess skin and skillfully rearranges the tissues, creating more contoured upper leg appearance. Sometimes he also uses liposuction to remove excess fat from the thighs. After the surgery, special dressings and compression garments are applied to the treated areas. Most of Dr. Sanders’ LA / Encino thigh lift patients fully recover within several weeks following their treatment.
• Arm Lift
Dr. Sanders performs arm lift for patients who are unsatisfied with the appearance of their upper arms due to excess skin and/or fatty tissue deposits in this area. He strives to place incisions in the most inconspicuous locations, such as the armpit and the inside surface of the arm. After removing the excess skin and fatty tissue, Dr. Sanders gently sutures the skin back in place, creating a toned, youthful arm appearance. He then places special surgical dressings and compression garments on the treated areas. While recovery times vary from patient to patient, most individuals who undergo arm lift in LA / Encino fully recover within two weeks.
• Facelift
We all suffer from the consequences of age. But today, more women and men are discovering that by repositioning drooping fat, removing excess fat, tightening underlying muscles, and re-draping the skin, they can receive rejuvenating effects. For some, a Facelift in LA / Encino  procedure may provide the solution.
Other procedures, such as neck-lifts and minimal incision endoscopic cheek-lifts, are additional considerations.
However it's important to avoid a "plastic" pulled look that lets the world know you've had a procedure. The skill and artistry of Dr. Sanders can enable patients to appear years younger and recapture their youth with an improvement that appears natural. View the before and after photos to see the results of Encino facelift patients.
• MACS-Lift
Dr. Sanders recommends and performs MACS-Lift for patients who have noticed drooping  in the neck and jowl regions. These patients often can achieve remarkable, natural-looking aesthetic results by undergoing MACS-Lift in Encino / LA. When performing this less invasive form of facelift surgery, Dr. Sanders uses a somewhat shorter incision and removes less tissue. Superb results are delivered by several technologically advanced, invisible sutures that allow for excellent lifting of the neck and jowl. This technique reduces surgery time, amount of anesthesia and discomfort, resulting in fewer complications and faster recovery. In addition, patients who undergo MACS-Lift do not require drains nor an overnight stay at a recovery center.  Due to the increased safety and comfort of the MACS-Lift procedure, this treatment has become known as the “Facelift of the 21st Century.”
Patients who desire to also lift their cheeks can undergo the Extended MACS-Lift, a procedure that involves slightly more skin lifting and an additional internal stitch.
If you are interested in learning more about MACS-Lift and would like to find out if you could benefit from this procedure, please use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one appointment with the renowned Los Angeles MACS-Lift specialist, Dr. Sanders.
• Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, can help to improve the symmetry of the face by refining and reshaping the nose to achieve overall facial balance. Compared to other cosmetic surgeries of the face and body, rhinoplasty is functionally and conceptually a very complex procedure. Bumps or asymmetries of the nose can be eliminated or the bridge can be raised or lowered. Also, the tip of the nose can be turned up, turned down or reduced. The reshaping of the nose must be highly individualized so that the changes to the nose shape complement the other facial features of each Encino / LA rhinoplasty patient. The specifics of rhinoplasty can vary greatly depending upon patient needs.  In some cases, it is necessary to graft a bone or cartilage to the nasal structure.
• Brow Lift
Dr. Sanders typically recommends and performs brow lift for patients between the ages 30 and 80. This procedure can smooth deep forehead lines and furrows and create a refreshed, more energetic appearance. When performing forehead lift in LA, Dr. Sanders uses both endoscopic and open techniques, placing incisions in inconspicuous locations, such as within the hairline. He then gently lifts and re-positions the forehead skin and muscles, and also removes any excess skin and fatty tissue. After the brow lift procedure is completed, the incisions are stitched and special gauze and bandages are applied to the treated area. The forehead lift surgery usually requires one hour to complete, during which time the patient is placed under sedation anesthesia. While the recovery time varies, most forehead lift Los Angeles patients fully recover within one to two weeks.
• Eyelid Surgery
When performing eyelid surgery, Dr. Sanders usually administers sedation anesthesia, which means that the patient is relaxed and awake, yet comfortably numb. Depending on the facial characteristics and aesthetic desires of each patient, Dr. Sanders creates small incisions in the creases of the upper eyelids and usually inside the lower eyelid. He then carefully removes the excess skin, fat and muscle and gently repositions the skin back into place. After blepharoplasty, patients experience some bruising and swelling that subsides within a week. Most of eyelid surgery LA patients fully recover within four weeks.
• Neck Lift
Neck lift surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia, which means that the patient is relaxed and awake, yet comfortably numb. Depending on the aesthetic needs of the patient, Dr. Sanders performs liposuction to remove excess fat, cervicoplasty to remove excess skin and/or platysmaplasty to remove and tighten the underlying neck muscles. While some neck lift LA patients require only skin tightening, others need a combination of all three procedures to achieve the best possible outcomes. As a result, time in surgery varies from one to several hours. After the neck lift procedure is completed, Dr. Sanders applies special bandages to the neck and head. The swelling and discomfort typically subsides within two weeks and the final results of neck lift surgery become evident within three to six months.
• Facial Implants
In order to achieve the best possible surgical outcomes, Dr. Sanders conducts thorough consultations with each one of his facial implants Los Angeles patients. He carefully evaluates the patient’s bone structure and facial contours, and takes the time to learn about his or her aesthetic desires. Dr. Sanders uses this information to develop individualized treatment plans consisting of either the placement of facial implants alone or facial implants surgery in conjunction with other procedures, such as facelift and eyelid surgery.
In order to position facial implants in place, Dr. Sanders creates several incisions in inconspicuous locations. After the implants have been placed, he sutures the skin and applies special bandages to the treated areas. Any post-surgical swelling and bruising typically subsides within several weeks. The results of this surgery are long-lasting, allowing Encino and Los Angeles facial implants patients enjoy their beautiful facial profiles for years to come.
• Chin Surgery
Dr. Sanders performs chin surgery for patients who desire to either augment or reduce the chin. By altering the shape and size of the chin, he can change the symmetry of the whole face. For example, a small chin often makes the nose appear larger. By enhancing the chin, not only the jaw line appears more contoured, but the nose also might appear smaller. Unlike many other plastic surgery procedures, chin surgery in LA / Encino is pursued by patients of all ages. 
Dr. Sanders conducts thorough consultations with each one of his chin surgery LA patients in order to develop a highly individualized treatment plan. He takes into account the patient’s health history, bone structure, skin condition and aesthetic desires in order to choose the most suitable surgical techniques. This approach allows Dr. Sanders to perform customized treatments that result in remarkable aesthetic transformations.
If you would like to change the shape and/or size of your chin, please use our contact page to schedule a one-on-one consultation with the highly experienced Los Angeles chin surgery specialist, Dr. George Sanders.
• Ear Surgery
While ear surgery is usually performed on children between the ages of 4 and 14, many adults also benefit from this procedure. Skillfully performed ear surgery can “pin back” protruding ears, reduce large earlobes and correct otherwise malformed ears. Because the ear structure and aesthetic needs vary from patient to patient, Dr. Sanders conducts thorough consultations with each individual seeking ear surgery in LA / Encino, during which time he develops a customized treatment plan.
Depending on the extent of ear reshaping, otoplasty surgery is typically completed in two to three hours, during which time a patient is under local or general anesthesia. After surgery, special bandages are placed on the ears, and the head is wrapped in a thick bandage. The bandage protects the ears while they are healing, and it also helps reduce post-operative discomfort. While the complete recovery might require several weeks, many Los Angeles ear surgery patients are able to return to work within three days after surgery.

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