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George W. Commons, M.D., F.A.C.S., CA, M.D.
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Breast Augmentation Palo Alto California Before and After Photos

George W. Commons, M.D., F.A.C.S., CA

Country: United States
State: California
City: Palo Alto
Address: 1515 El Camino Real, Suite C, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Telephone: (650) 328-4570
Fax: (650) 322-8481
Contact between:
9:00 and 17:00 hours
Training / Credentials



Allegheny College, B.S., Chemistry, Cum Laude
Meadville, Pennsylvania     
University of Pennsylvania M.D. Stanford University  
Honors and Societies: 
• Alpha Omega Alpha (Medical Honor Society) 
• Santa Clara County Medical Society Association 
• California Medical Association
• American Medical Association
• American Society of Plastic Surgery
• American Society  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• California Society of Plastic Surgeons
• Philippine Plastic Surgery Association
• Military Plastic Surgery Association    
• American Board of Plastic Surgery (Certified)    

Medical Training and Experience:

• Stanford University Medical Center Intern in Surgery
• Stanford University Medical Center-Fellow in Plastic Surgery
• Stanford University Medical Center-Resident in General and Plastic Surgery
• Stanford University Medical Center-Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery
• United States Air Force Hospital-Clark Air Force Base, Republic of the Philippines-Chief, Plastic Surgery
• Consultant in Plastic Surgery-U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, & U.S. Navy in the Far East
• Consultant in Plastic-San Fernando, Republic of

Philippines-Central Luzon General Hospital
• Adjunct Assistant Professor of Plastic SurgerY- Stanford University Medical Center

Staff Appointments:  
• Stanford University Hospital 
• El Camino Hospital
• Sequoia Hospital
• Menlo Park Surgical Hospital 
• Plastic Surgery Center of Palo Alto - Medical Director
• Member of The California Medical Association   
• Member of Santa Clara County Medical Society 
• Stanford University School of Medicine
• Clinical Faculty-Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor (Plastic Surgery Department Stanford University Hospital)
• Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery Inc.
• Fellow of the American College of Surgeons 
• California Society of Plastic Surgeons   
• The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
• American Society of Plastic Surgery
• International Society of Plastic Surgery

The Staff:
Alicia is an R.N. with extensive experience in surgery. In addition to her expertise in the operating room Alicia assists Dr. Commons and is also experienced in administering Botox and fillers. You will find Alicia to be warm, protective, experienced, comforting, patient, and extremely competent. When you call the office you will be greeted by either Sue or Elaine. Along with their educational backgrounds and ability to answer most questions about aesthetic plastic surgery, they both have a warm enthusiastic attitude and are happy to share their knowledge and an evaluation of Dr. Commons’ surgical skills. You can

also request a complimentary consultation which includes a personal evaluation and a viewing of before and after pictures of surgery done by Dr, Commons to decide if surgery is for you before you meet the doctor. You then will be well informed with background material before you discuss your personal surgical desires with Dr. Commons. Sue has worked with Dr. Commons for the past 20 years and Elaine has worked 10 years in the office. They are highly valued by the entire

office and our patients.



• Breast Augmentation
Is increasing the size of the breast with saline or gel implants.

• Breast Uplift
Is correcting sagging breast by meticulously removing excess skin or causing skin to shrink via ultrasonic energy.


• Breast Reduction
Is the actual removal of breast tissue and skin to reduce size and simultaneously uplift breast.
This office has not endorsed the “donut or purse string” techniques for uplifts. The problems that can result include flattened nipples, irregular nipple shape and wrinkling of skin around the nipple

giving a starburst effect. These undesirable results can become evident about 6 months post-operatively with unsightly scars. The most common technique, which we endorse, involves a vertical incision from the areola to the breast crease and a horizontal incision along the breast crease. The appropriate technique for your case will be based on breast size and shape, position of the areola, degree of breast sagging, skin quality and elasticity as well as the amount of extra skin.
In recent years, breast shape and symmetry with finer shorter scars have been made possible. Limited liposuction has been introduced recently to facilitate in shaping as well. Our goals for breast reduction are: decreased volume, aesthetically

contoured shape with good symmetry, fine limited scars, normal nipple sensitivity and preservation of lactation potential (breast feeding). No technique is entirely free of risk, but every attempt is made to ensure safety and minimize risk potential.


• Abdominoplasty
Although liposuction alone often solves abdominal protuberance, an abdominoplasty “tummy tuck” becomes a more appropriate surgery if skin and muscle laxity or muscle separation exist. This procedure allows for muscle repair, excision of excess skin, and umbilical reconstruction. The result is the optimum flat stomach which is why

this surgery continues to be one of the most popular body contour surgeries.
• Facial ryhtidectomy
Because I want my patients to feel safe, comfortable, and pleased with their results, I stress a rejuvenation of the aging face with

emphasis on an individual, natural appearance that will last.  Before surgery, my patients have an opportunity to discuss any concern or question that they may have about a surgical procedure or

the surgery itself.  Will I look natural after surgery and how long will the results last are among the frequently asked questions.  These and all concerns are thoroughly discussed and answered during the pre-surgery conference.
My goal, of course, is to maximize natural correction and the longevity of the surgery for each patient. A timid procedure will produce little change, while a radical approach often results in a

pulled, unnatural “I’ve had a facelift” look. Doing the job correctly requires placing the major pull on the muscle covering (S.M.A.S.) in order to suspend lax muscle and to redrape the skin,

eliminating stress lines. Advanced techniques make cheek, chin, and lip implants additional contributors to a youthful appearance. A face lift must incorporate the latest and best technology and

technique, addressing skin, muscle, and fat pad laxity, correcting aging patterns in folds, eyes, cheeks, jowls, mouth, and neck.


• Liposuction
Developed in France and Italy, liposuction came to the United States in 1981. Incredible advances, however, have occurred since then, making the procedure much safer and more effective. The major improvement is the perfection of ultrasonic assisted liposuction techniques. These techniques safely emulsify body fat and assist the surgeon with his detailed precision. Because larger volume

liposuction and ultrasonic larger volume liposuction are major interests of mine, I did pioneer work with them and currently teach these techniques including the newest technique (Vaser)® to other

plastic surgeons. Liposuction enables patients to enjoy major improvement in the contour of their body, and, for that reason, it remains a popular, productive surgery.
• Blepharoplasty
Excessive skin and fat over the eye (hooding) can obstruct vision. Puffiness under the eyes can project depression or fatigue. As we age, negative changes around our eyelids can be evident with excess lax skin, lax muscles, herniated fat pads and wrinkling. These identifying traits can be improved by removing excess tissue, excess fat and when appropriate, the suspension of lax muscles. Depending on the patient's eyelid age and problem, incisions may be inside or outside the eyelid Older techniques focused on removal of fat bulges about the eyelids Sometimes tat fat removal resulted in a round hollow, skeletal appearance of advanced age. New advanced techniques stress maintaining some fat and repositioning in hollow adjacent areas. This promotes the youthful eye orbit that is shallow arid oval. In cases of herniated fat, it is necessary to replace the fat behind the muscle and repair the hernia. 
• Forehead
In conjunction with a facelift, I often perform forehead surgery (forehead / frown procedure ) to elevate drooping brows, to give an open, alert upper eyelid, and to soften frown lines. Advances in forehead surgery include the use of mini incision endoscopic surgery, employment of “detection defying” hairline technique, and improved versions of the coronal technique. Because each approach

has merit, the important issue is to match each patient with the technique that is best for him / her. A hairline incision approach works well if the patient has a high forehead with receding hair.

When I use the hairline approach, I elevate the brows and bring the scalp hair forward. If the patient has a narrow forehead, I use the

endoscopic procedure. Clearly, the “cookbook” technique has no place in the individuality of plastic surgery. My job is to select the correct technique for each individual patient to ensure the desired results. 
• Rhinoplasty
Aesthetic nasal surgery is a common surgical procedure for noses that are large, crooked, broad, bulbous, or humped. New techniques

that produce an improved, natural appearance have replaced the antiquated, radical “ski jump” rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty, which utilizes well hidden incisions, is used in difficult cases. This procedure provides better visibility for the surgeon with excellent results. Closed rhinoplasty, another successful option, offers hidden incisions inside the nose. Septoplasty is another surgery that I perform to correct airway obstructions, a common occurrence with a deviated septum. Improved cartilage grafting methods provide yet another source to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose.
• Chin Correction
Congenital chin recession or what is commonly known as a "weak” chin, may result in a profile that lacks the harmony, that you desire. There are many different chin implant types and sizes

available. Materials can include silicone. proplast, irradiated cartilage, or even cartilage or bone taken from your own body. A chin implant can be inserted either intraorally or by an incision under your chin. Chin augmentation is accomplished under a local anesthetic.
• Facial Chemical Peels
This is an outpatient procedure that is performed in either our office or in our general operating facility. The purpose of a facial peel is to cause the even, controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells, so you are left with a new fresh layer of skin with more even texture and color. A facial chemical peel tightens skin and softens wrinkle lines as much as possible. Dr. Commons applies either TCA or Phenol Peels. These are not the superficial peels performed in day spas that only produce a nice little buff to the skin. Depending upon the depth of the peel, the patient would need about a week or two before returning to work. 
• Dermabrassion
Dermabrasion is a procedure used in plastic surgery to help smooth the upper layer of skin and epidermis. It can diminish the effects of scarring due to trauma or acne as well as address fine wrinkles about the mouth and face. The effect is very similar to chemical peels, but there are some distinct differences in how these procedures are used. Skin type and problems will dictate which

procedure is preferable. Recovery is similar to chemical peels.


• Non-Surgical Procedures
Derma Fillers, Botox, IPL, Light Chemical Peels, Obagi Skin Care Products


George Commons, M.D., F.A.C.S.

1515 El Camino Real, Suite C, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Telephone: 650-328-4570
Fax: 650-322-8481



• From 101 North or South Exit Embarcadero West, toward El Camino Real. Turn left onto El Camino Real. Turn left onto Churchill Ave.

• From 280 North Exit Page Mill Rd, at stop sign turn left onto Page Mill Rd. continue to El Camino Real. Turn left onto El Camino Real. Turn right onto Churchill Ave.

• From 280 South Exit Page Mill Rd, turn right onto Page Mill Rd.contnue to El Camino Real. Turn left onto El Camino Real. Turn right onto Churchill Ave.

Languages: English - Spanish

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