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Country: United States
State: California
City: La Habra
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Training / Credentials
Dr. Alexander Sinclair has enjoyed a life-long romance with the art and craft of plastic surgery, and has always been enthralled by the power of change and transformation. From the onset of his medical training he knew he would be a plastic surgeon. Dr.Sinclair has a Masters of Science degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Institute of Human Nutrition. He worked in conjunction with Columbia and Rockefeller Universities doing research in fat cell development and growth. He did research with Cornell University and University of the West Indies in infant nutrition. Dr. Sinclair received his medical doctorate from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine where he received honors. He also did rotations at Stanford University and traveled to Mexico with Interplast. Dr. Sinclair trained in General and Plastic Surgery at Michigan State University. Dr. Sinclair has had a busy private practice for the past twenty years. During this time he has been active in local, regional and national societies. He has lectured at hospitals and various society meetings, and has been published in medical literature. For Dr. Sinclair there is no thrill greater than helping to change the lives of his patients through the transformative power of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
• Breast Augmentation
Do you think you’re “flat as a pancake?” Do your strapless tops slip down? Do you want cleavage for your low necklines and sexy curves in your sweaters? Whether your goal is to get something you have always wanted or to get back what you once had, Dr. Sinclair will guide you to make the right choices so that you will get the breast enhancement that you want. Dr. Sinclair is one of the elite surgeons in Los Angeles to have been selected as a clinical investigator for the national silicone breast study. Your options will include saline or silicone (including "gummi bear" style) breast implants which is approved by FDA.
• Breast Lift
Do your breasts seem saggy? Are they hollow or flat on top? Are your nipples pointing toward your toes? It may be that nursing babies or simply the years have sucked all the fullness from your breasts. Dr. Sinclair can provide a surgery that will lift and tighten the breasts using a minimal incision technique. If you want to increase fullness, you can get a breast augmentation at the same time.
• Breast Reduction
Are your breasts so heavy that your bra straps are cutting grooves in your shoulders? Is the weight of your breasts causing you back and neck pain? Do you have to use baby powder under your breasts to keep from getting irritation and sores?
“I wish I had done this years ago,” is what we most often hear from patients after breast reduction surgery. Dr. Sinclair has special skill in designing a reduction that will leave you with minimal scarring. The results will make you more comfortable, better able to pursue physical activities – and very pleased with your new profile.
• Male Breast Surgery 
• Arm Reduction
Does hanging skin from your arms look like bats’ wings? Do your arms remind you of sausage links? Do you avoid raising your arms or wearing short sleeves? There is no need for such embarrassment. A skillfully performed arm reduction surgery will give you better contour and more confidence.

• Eyelid/Brow Surgery
Have you been asked: "Are you tired?” or “Why do you look angry?" when you’re feeling fine? Do you see bags under your eyes in the morning mirror? Are your eyebrows so low that it's difficult to see where the upper lid ends and the brow begins? Have your frown lines become permanent? Consider the benefits of rejuvenation in the eye area. You can lose the hanging curtain of skin on the upper lid and the bags of the lower. Your eyebrows can be raised so you look more youthful. Your frown lines can be eliminated so you’ll look confident and rested. Dr. Sinclair is skilled in using surgical and non-surgical techniques to refresh every aspect of the eye area.

• Face Lift
Restoring a youthful appearance to the face is one of plastic surgery's pleasures. Dr. Sinclair will listen to your requests and analyze your features to develop a plan that will give you a refreshed and natural look.

• Liposuction
Are you spending hours in the gym and still have bulges in the wrong places? Does dieting cause you to lose weight in all the areas except the ones with the diet resistant fat? Get the contour you want with liposuction. Remove the fat cells forever. Dr. Sinclair has over 20 years of experience with liposuction including ultrasonic, tumescent and micro-canula techniques. His patients are amazed with the minimal bruising and pain, with their ability to resume work quickly – and, above all, that they finally have exactly the contour they’ve longed for.
• Neck lift
Do you have too many chins? Do you think you have the wattle neck of a turkey? Does your chin seem to merge with your neck? Nothing can make your face look fatter or older than a baggy profile. Extra fat and skin under your neck are simply impossible to hide. Let Dr. Sinclair remove the fat, tighten the extra skin, and restore a youthful angle to your jaw and neck using minimal incision techniques.
• Nose Surgery
Among all plastic surgery procedures, nose enhancement, or rhinoplasty, is among the most common. Nose enhancement can be performed on any part of the nose to increase or reduce its size; to modify the size and shape of the nostrils, tip or bridge of the nose; or to alter the slope or angle of the nose – all without packing. Dr. Sinclair will use computer imaging to ensure an ideal outcome.

• Buttock Enhancement 
Do you have a “flat butt?” Do you wear padded lingerie to fill out your pants? Have you always wanted a curvy derriere? Dr. Sinclair is one of the few doctors with expertise in buttock augmentation, and has appeared on KABC, Discovery Channel and VH-1 to demonstrate buttock enhancement. Dr. Sinclair can enhance your buttock contour with either your own fat or an implant.

• Skin Care
Just as skin conditions vary, so, too, do the vast array of skin care programs available today. Most skin care products such as astringents, moisturizers and sunscreens are formulated to promote and maintain healthy skin, while others are geared toward repairing and rejuvenating aged or damaged skin. Excellent skin care results may be realized through medical procedures such as laser surgery, conventional scalpel surgery, or any of several chemical peel treatments. Dr. Sinclair and his staff can design a skin care program to improve your skin's color, texture and pore size.

• Cellulite Removal 
“Cottage cheese” thighs? Dimpled butt? Can’t bear to be bare? Dr. Sinclair was the first doctor in Beverly Hills to have the only FDA approved treatment for cellulite. See how this innovative, non-surgical and pain-free procedure can decrease your unsightly cellulite and give your flesh the toned look you’d like.

• Tummy Tuck
Has your tummy skin become stretched out from pregnancy or from weight-gain and weight-loss? Are you bothered by stretch marks? Are your abdominal muscles weak or lax? The answer doesn’t lie in the gym; the solution is a tummy tuck. Don't let loose hanging skin or bulging fat deposits weigh you down. That tummy can be trimmed and contoured to give you the sleek, svelte shape that everyone desires. Dr. Sinclair will strengthen and reposition your tummy muscles, define your waistline, remove stretch marks and restore the shape you once had.
• Chin & Cheek Implant
You can't be too rich, too thin or have too much bone structure. Restore facial volume and give yourself the “supermodel” look. Arrange a consultation to see how the new facial implants can give you the look you've always wanted.

Languages: English - Spanish

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