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Cuitlahuac Gómez Labougle, Mexico, M.D.
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Breast Augmentation Tampico Tamaulipas Before and After Photos

Cuitlahuac Gómez Labougle, Mexico

Country: Mexico
State: Tamaulipas
City: Tampico
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10:00 and 20:00 hours
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Dr. Cuitlahuac Gómez Labougle

Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Breast Augmentation Tamaulipas Mexico


This web site has been created with the goal of clarifying your doubts about Plastic Surgery. Its objective is that you can contact me without any compromise, so that I can guide you and let you know what is best for you. Remember that we are talking about your health and the most precious thing for you— The beauty of your body. It is very important that you know the plastic surgeon from Mexico who is going to perform your surgery and the results you should expect when having any surgical procedure done. You should also ask him to show you results from previous patients, and it is crucial that you talk with him about them and, above all, that you be aware that he is certified by the laws of your country.


Curriculum Vitae

Professional Education: Autonomous University of Tamaulipas - Course of studies of Medical Surgeon - 1987-1994

Pre-graduate Internship, Regional General Hospital #6 - January 1 - December 31, 1992

Social Service UMR Nuevo Progreso -Aldama Tamaulipas - February 1, 1993 - January 31, 1994



General Surgery - Siglo XXI National Medical Center - Specialties Hospital: Bernardo Sepúlveda - México DF -training for 3 years, 1994 - 1997

Plastic Surgery - Orthopedics and Traumatology Hospital - National Medical Center Monterrey, Nuevo León. - 1997 - 2000

Thesis: Incidence of Facial Fractures in Monterrey Nuevo Leon

Professional Exam of Plastic Surgery - February 10, 2000

Plastic Surgeon Diploma - February 29, 2000

Diploma that certifies as a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon by the U. A. N. L. - March 23, 2001

Member of the College of Plastic Surgeons of Tamaulipas



Breast Augmentation Tampico


• Augmentation Mammoplasty – Breast Implants – Breast Augmentation Mexico

The surgery that inserts breast implants is known as augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation, and it is a very safe procedure, thanks to the technological progresses made on the manufacturing of Implants. Nowadays, there are manufacturers who use Silicone Gel that doesn’t leak or spread in the patient’s body in case of a rupture of the implant. It is known as “cohesive Gel”, and as a matter of fact it can be cut in two without draining or leaking beyond each half. The implant that is appropriate in size and shape for your breast augmentation in Tampico will be selected according to your height, the width of your back and the gap between your breasts. Your expectations as regards size and shape must be considered as well. These and other measurements will help your Tamaulipas surgeon choose the appropriate implant. You can also ask your plastic surgeon to show you catalogues of the different available implants, so you can select the one that best suits you.


• Breast Lift – Mastopexy – Breast Lift Tamaulipas

This breast surgery aims at lifting and enhancing the shape of breasts. Over the years, thanks to gravity and the enlargement of breasts during pregnancy, as well as their shrinking after breastfeeding, breasts tend to sag; and, as if this was not enough, tissues lose their elasticity. All this makes breasts sag, and this phenomenon is known in medicine as breast Ptosis. The look of your breasts will be worse if apart from losing their shape they have also lost their volume. This breast surgery in Tampico can be complemented with breast implants, thus obtaining a very satisfactory result. In contrast, if there is too much volume or if the areola is too big, both can be reduced in size.

• Breast Reduction – Reduction MammoplastyBreast Reduction Tampico

Breast enlargement occurs during puberty and during adolescence, and that is why many young women have big breasts; it is important to make clear that breasts are mainly composed of fat (yes, fat) and also, in smaller proportions, of glandular mammary tissue (the glandular tissue is the one that produces milk). The mammary gland itself is small and can only enlarge during the period that you breastfeed your children and during the time you have used to get ready (starting in the first stages of pregnancy). This is why breasts grow bigger during pregnancy and shrink at the end of breastfeeding– because the mammary gland no longer has a function and thus shrinking occurs. But in some women, even when breasts shrink, a lot of fat and fiber tissue is left there and therefore breasts keep looking and feeling big.


• Liposculpture Tampico Mexico

Liposculpture in Tamaulipas, as its name indicates, is a plastic surgery procedure where the shape of your body is sculpted, removing the fat in these areas that you find hideous (the so called love handles) until your thighs and hips are nicely shaped and your waist has beautiful curves. Fat can also be re-injected in other areas that you need it, such as your buttocks. I do this until you get a body that no gym or diet could ever provide you, but of course, exercise and starting a healthy diet after a liposculpture are excellent ideas to make results permanent.


• Abdominoplasty Tampico Tamaulipas

Abdominoplasty in Tampico consists of completely reshaping you abdomen, because first a liposculpture is needed to reshape your body and reconstruct the lost curves, and later all that skin that sags after pregnancy is removed (during pregnancies extra skin is formed and with time it looks saggy, as a bulged belly, and it is full of stretch marks). I also handle the muscles of the abdomen so that it remains completely firm and flat. Finally, I perform another liposculpture so that your body looks great. However, this surgery is only possible to perform in women that are not going to get pregnant again or in people who have lost a lot of weight.


• Aesthetic and Functional Nose Surgery – Nose Job Tampico Mexico

The aesthetic surgery of the nose, also known as rhinoplasty, is aimed at enhancing the shape, the size and the general look of the nose. It is a surgery that is very popular among youngsters both for men and women; we have already got rid from many taboos, and we definitely do not have to inherit a ugly nose from our Parents and keep it. Nowadays, thanks to plastic surgery, we can change that..


• Blepharoplasty  - Eyelid Surgery Mexico

This is one of the most versatile surgeries, and we should all do it sooner or later. Frequently, women over 40 years old have sagging eyelids due to excess skin in both upper and lower eyelids, which not only does it make them sag, but it also forms those unpleasant bags in the eyelids (especially in the lower eyelids) and even those flounces in many cases. In fact, the problem with bags (which are fat accumulated in the eyelids) can be found at early ages. In some serious cases, eyelids can sag so much they may obstruct the sight.


• Augmentation Mentoplasty - Chin Augmentation Surgery Tamaulipas

If your chin is missing and your jaw pulls inwards, this surgical procedure is certainly the best choice for you. It consists of creating a more prominent chin, and this is achieved through diverse methods that should be analyzed between you and your Plastic Surgeon.


• Ritidectomy  - Facial Lift Surgery Tampico

THE AIM OF THIS SURGERY IS TO REJUVENATE YOUR FACE. First of all, it is necessary to explain what happens in the aging process of the face, and it is related to 4 main factors— the  sun, smoking, gravity and age. These factors cause an important weakening of the elastic fibers that provide support and a youthful look for your face. Once this support is lost, gravity will “pull” down the surface of the face, and it will descend vertically, thus producing the typical look of the elderly.


• Butt Augmentation  - Buttock implant surgery Mexico

This one is a procedure where your buttocks are enlarged, and it is performed through the insertion of implants. It is important to mention that the implants used to enlarge your buttocks are not the same that are used to enlarge your breasts, and this are some of the most important differences: Buttock implants are almond shaped and breast implants are round shaped and can be flat (low profile) or almost spherical (high profile), and the most recent breast implants are "biodimensional", that is to say, they continue with the shape of the breast, and of course, no breast implant is designed to be inserted in the buttocks. Breast implants can contain different materials –saline, hidrogel, cohesive or non-cohesive silicone gel (cohesive silicone gel is the latest silicone gel for implants because it does not leak in the patient's body if the implant tears; it stays in place because the gel molecules are stuck to each other and do not separate) and buttock implants are actually soft silicone almond shaped blocks which are unbreakable. This guarantees you that you can receive injections in your butt without any risks of tearing the implants.


• Artecoll 

• Blue Peeling 

• Botox 

• Restylane (mr) 

• Mesotherapy 


To schedule a consultation at my office, you can contact me through different ways

Address: Río Tamesí No. 101 Colonia Sierra Morena  - Tampico, Tamaulipas.  México – Phone Numbers 01 (833) 217 38 64 and 01 (833) 213 86 29


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