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Breast Augmentation Santa Barbara California Before and After Photos

The Montecito Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, CA

Country: United States
State: California
City: Santa Barbara
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9:00 and 17:00 hours
Training / Credentials
Breast Augmentation Santa Barbara California. Breast Implants in Santa Barbara by Montecito Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Meet Dr. Sheffield
“The effects of plastic surgery extend beyond enhancement of your outward appearance. Often the results provide a new feeling of confidence and inner satisfaction that are far reaching.”
- Dr. Robert Sheffield
As a third-generation physician, Dr. Sheffield was initially attracted to the field of plastic surgery because of the breadth of the specialty and its visual orientation. Dr. Sheffield has been a plastic surgeon for more than 21 years, practicing in Montecito and Santa Barbara, California, about 80 miles north of Los Angeles. Dr. Sheffield also serves the Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, and Westlake Village areas. He has dual certification in plastic surgery and otolaryngology.
Dr. Sheffield received his medical training at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. After completing an internship at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Dr. Sheffield served his residency in otolaryngology at the University of Florida in Gainesville with an emphasis on head and neck reconstruction. He went on to receive additional training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, Texas.
Dr. Sheffield is one of the founders of the Rhinoplasty Symposium, a premier rhinoplasty course for plastic surgeons from throughout the United States.
After completing extensive training, Dr. Sheffield was awarded certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, an accomplishment representative of a high level of training in all facets of plastic surgery.
Dr. Sheffield has published numerous articles on rhinoplasty and facial reconstruction. He also lectures frequently on breast reconstruction and current trends in cosmetic plastic surgery.
Professional Affiliations:
American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American College of Surgeons (FACS)
American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
California Medical Association
Santa Barbara County Medical Society
American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Board of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

Hospital Affiliations:
Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

A Note from Dr. Sheffield
"My goal as a plastic surgeon is to help patients by surgically enhancing their physical appearance. Whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, I strive to give every patient the same excellence in care that I would expect if I were the patient. As I work to fulfill this goal, I evaluate your individual situation, your medical history, attitudes, and objectives. Every patient should leave my office after consultation with a clear understanding of their available choices and what reasonable outcome they can expect.
The effects of plastic surgery extend beyond enhancement of your outward appearance. Often the results provide a new feeling of confidence and inner satisfaction that are far reaching. My credentials, ethics, and reputation are the cornerstones for building a trusting and respectful relationship. The confidence you have in selecting me as your plastic surgeon will affect our relationship throughout the course of your treatment. I must act as both surgeon and counselor to see that the surgical results match your expectations. I am dedicated to fulfilling this goal. I welcome your questions and look forward to earning your trust and respect."

Breast Enlargement California - Breast Augmentation Procedures Santa Barbara



Meet Dr. Lowenstein
"… it is vital that as my patient, you are well educated and extremely comfortable in the decision process leading to the achievement of your goals. I consider it an honor to gain your respect, and I look forward to doing the right thing for you."
- Dr. Adam D. Lowenstein


Dr. Lowenstein prides himself in his dedication to outstanding patient care. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, Dr. Lowenstein began his medical involvement participating in research in pediatric trauma at the Children's National Medical Center. He was first published at the age of 21. Dr. Lowenstein then studied molecular biology at the University of Wisconsin, and subsequently attended the prestigious University of North Carolina School of Medicine where he received his medical degree.

Following eleven years of postgraduate training in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, Dr. Lowenstein spent six years in Denver, Colorado. His experience ranges from aesthetic surgeries of the face, breast, and body, to microvascular reconstruction of severe cancer deformities; from breast reconstruction to cosmetic and functional reconstruction of congenital deformities including the separation of conjoined twins.

In the national forum, Dr. Lowenstein is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) and serves on the Board of Directors of that organization. His presentation at the annual ASPS National Meeting is highly regarded and one of the most well attended sessions every year. Dr. Lowenstein is further involved with the American College of Surgeons, as well as local associations of plastic surgery. He feels that giving back to the specialty through sharing of knowledge and experience is one of his most significant responsibilities.

Your should expect your consultation with Dr. Lowenstein to be comfortable, informative, and respectful. The operative experience will follow through with these ideals, and the team approach of his fully licensed and certified office and operative staff will allow you to be confident that you are getting only the highest level of care.


Professional Affiliations:
American College of Surgery (FACS)

American Society of Plastic Surgery

- Annual Meeting Council (2006-present)
- Board of Directors (2006-present)
- Convention Policy Committee (2002-2005)
- Governance Task Force (2004-present)
- Leadership Development Committee (2005-present)
- Marketing Committee (2003-2005)
- New Membership Committee (2005-present)
- Plastic Surgery Caucus (2004-2005)
- Scientific Program Committee (YPS representative, 2002-2003)
- Scientific Program Committee (2004-present)
- Work Force Task Force (2006-present)
- Young Plastic Surgeons Committee (2000-present)
- Young Plastic Surgeons Committee Chair (2005-present)
- Delegate to the Advisory Council to the American College of Surgeons (2004-present)
Jefferson Medical College Alumni Association

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Medical Alumni Association

University of Wisconsin Alumni Association

Diplomat of the National Board of Medical Examiners (7/94)
Diplomat of the American Board of Surgery (9/99)
Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (9/01)

Hospital Affiliations:
Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA

A Note from Dr. Lowenstein
"My goal- in my personal relationships as well as my professional ones- is to do the right thing. This is the cornerstone of every decision that I make. Without the knowledge that I have done so on any given day, I can't sleep at night. After over 11 years of postgraduate training including many years of over 115 hour work weeks, my sleep is very important to me. My reputation in plastic surgery has been built around doing the right thing- from my operative techniques, to training young surgeons, to promoting honest discussion in national forums, I work for excellence in every aspect of my practice. I strive for the best possible outcome in each and every patient.

This outcome may be the result of surgery, or may be the result of the decision to abstain from an invasive procedure. In either case, it is vital that as my patient, you are well educated and extremely comfortable in the decision process leading to the achievement of your goals. I consider it an honor to gain your respect, and I look forward to doing the right thing for you."

- Dr. Adam D. Lowenstein


About the Practice:
The Montecito Surgery Center is one of the pre-eminent cosmetic surgery facilities in southern California. Dr.’s Sheffield and Lowenstein, along with their experienced staff have produced outstanding results for countless patients for more than 21 years.
The Montecito Surgery Center is conveniently located in a private and welcoming setting. As you enter our doors, you will see it is a priority to ensure that you are comfortable and provided with the best care possible. You will also appreciate our discretion and individualized attention. We consider it our responsibility to understand the goals of our patients and develop a surgical plan that is reasonable, safe, and tailored to their unique needs.
Patients are encouraged to become knowledgeable about the surgical procedures in which they are interested. As part of an ongoing commitment to patient education, the doctors and staff take the time to communicate and explain procedures in detail to ensure that patients make informed decisions about their care. Each staff member is dedicated to providing quality, professional care. We also offer our patients state of the art anesthesia environment along with an experienced anesthesia staff from the teaching staff at UCLA and Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.
Certification by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF) means that the Montecito Surgery Center has met the organization’s rigorous standards for patient care, quality, and safety. All of our surgery center personnel are licensed professionals.
An increasing number of plastic surgery procedures are being performed on an ambulatory, or same day basis and your choice of a facility for elective plastic surgery is important. At the Montecito Surgery Center, you can rest assured that your care is in the hands of skilled and caring professionals.
Breast Augmentation (Breast Implants)
Breast augmentation is used to enhance the appearance of the breast by placing a saline-filled device under the breast mound and, usually, the pectoral muscle. This procedure will increase volume, improve the fullness of the upper portion of the breast, correct asymmetry, and provide a more youthful shape. During your consultation, there will be a detailed discussion regarding your breast implant surgery. Our doctor's will take a thorough medical history and conduct a physical examination to ensure the quality and safety of your procedure. You will be shown a variety of breast implants to help demonstrate typical results. Most frequently, breast implants are placed in a submuscular pocket. This allows for a more natural result since more tissue lies in front of the implant; however, there has to be harmony between the implant and breast tissue. In other words, the implant must align itself directly in back of the breast tissue. An effective muscle release is necessary to avoid problems of banding – the distortion of the breast mound when the pectoralis is strongly contracted. If the breast implant is placed on top of the muscle, there should be sufficient soft tissue thickness or breast tissue to cover the implant, thereby avoiding a rounded or operative look to the breast.
Breast augmentation remains a popular procedure due to its straightforwardness and the predictability of the results.

Breast Reduction
Breast reduction is the procedure used to reduce and reshape the disproportionately large, droopy breast. It not only improves the way you look but also relieves the weight bearing pain and discomfort of the neck, shoulder region, and upper back. This procedure also allows for increased comfort during physical activity in addition to restoring a more youthful appearance to the breast.
Breast reduction usually involves the elevation of the nipple/areola portion of the breast with the intent to preserve nipple sensation. Vertical breast reduction is a new technique introduced as a way to shape the breast by relying on the breast tissue parenchyma rather than the skin envelope of the breast. The technique also eliminates horizontal scarring and produces a more aesthetically pleasing result. Patients have been very satisfied with the results produced by this method and very few patients need to return for revision procedures.

Mastopexy (breast lift)
Due to weight changes, pregnancy, and aging, the breasts can change shape and begin to sag. Often, the skin envelope of the breasts thins out and the patient looses the fullness in the upper pale of the breast. The procedure called Mastopexy or breast lift is a method to improve the shape of the breast by moving the nipple/areola on the breast tissue to the more youthful position.
Frequently, patients seek out Dr. Sheffield’s and Dr. Lowenstein's expertise to obtain more fullness of the upper portion of the breasts. In these cases, we can combine breast augmentation with breast lift.
Mastopexy can also reduce the size of an excessively large areola. If the breast lift is moderate, incisions can be confined around the areola (Benelli procedure). If more lifting is needed, the traditional incisions include the fold region of the breast and a vertical incision from the breast fold and areola.
In summary, mastopexy is a procedure with a high degree of patient satisfaction despite the scars needed to obtain proper balance of the breast. This procedure is best performed after child bearing since breast-feeding may offset the results of the surgery.

Nipple Reduction
Occasionally nipple hypertrophy is a concern especially in some women who have breast fed. Not only can the nipple be enlarged, but occasionally droopy or ptotic. Surgical correction involves reduction of the skin around the base of the nipple. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Mammary ducts and sensations are usually preserved.

Inverted Nipple Correction
An inverted nipple is rarely associated with serious pathology of the breast. In the benign condition, correction can be performed under local anesthesia. An incision is placed around the base of the nipple and fibrous bands and selective mammary ducts are released. Adjacent tissue at the base is gathered to assist in maintaining the projection of the nipple.

The male enlargement of the breast known as gynecomastia can be caused by number of conditions. These include physiologic/developmental, drugs, hypogonadism, and systemic disease with congenital disorders just to name a few. Surgical treatment is based on the density of breast degree of hypertrophy of the tissue, and the amount of skin laxity (ptosis) of the breast area. Liposuction alone may be sufficient if the tissues are not dense. Reduction of the breast may be required in the case of dense tissue. The incision is usually placed in the lower half of the areola if tissue is to be removed. Occasionally a combination treatment of tissue reduction and liposuction is necessary. In rare situations, skin reduction may be needed. This usually requires an oval excision of skin around the areola thereby limiting the scars just around the areola itself. Compression dressings are applied for several weeks.

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