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Robert M. Freund, NY, M.D.
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Robert M. Freund, NY

Country: United States
State: New York
City: Manhasset
Contact between:
9:00 and 17:00 hours
Training / Credentials
Dr. Freund has been in private practice in New York City for 11 years. His accomplishments are many. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
Dr. Freund graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a degree in biochemistry. After leaving Providence, Rhode Island, Dr. Freund moved to New York to study medicine at the Cornell University Medical College. During his four years in medical school, Dr. Freund was selected as a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society for the top 5 students in his graduating class. During his time at Cornell, he was also selected as a Papanicalaou Fellow in anatomy. A unique honor that allowed Dr. Freund to assist in the education of other medical students in the field of anatomy (obviously an important part of plastic surgery is anatomy).
After Medical school, Dr. Freund, stayed in New York and was resident and chief resident in General Surgery at NYU Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital. He also stayed in New York for his plastic surgery residency at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, NYU Medical Center. During that time, Dr. Freund won awards for his research on wound healing from The New York Regional Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons as well as The Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons.
After completing his training, Dr. Freund established his practice of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in New York City. He is currently on staff at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Lenox Hill
Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center.
In the last eleven years in private practice, Dr. Freund has distinguished himself in the field of plastic surgery. He has been an author on many topics in plastic surgery including secondary
rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, browlifts, breastlifts and breast augmentation. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book “
Cosmetic Breast Surgery: a guide to making the right choice – from A to double D”. The Aesthetic Society selected Dr. Freund’s presentation on his unique Browlift as the best presentation of 2003 at their annual meeting.
With this history in mind, New York Magazine selected Dr. Freund as one of their best cosmetic surgeons in the 2003 “best Beauty Docs” issue.
Sagging breasts can be the result of pregnancy, large weight loss or just genetics. There are many young women who have sagging shaped breasts even during their teenage years.
Sagging breasts are the result of stretching of the tissues of the breast. Regardless of the amount of excess skin that is present, if the breast tissue (glandular and fatty tissue) is sagging, the
breasts are going to sag. One of the biggest fallacies in breast lift surgery is that the sagging breast is a result of excess skin.
With this in mind, many procedures have been performed to remove all the excess skin. As a result, large scars are created to remove
the extra skin, but since no remodeling of the breast tissue is performed, the results are temporary – the scars are permanent!
Newer techniques for breast lifts focus on reshaping the breast tissue and minimizing the scars. These techniques look better and
are more durable. For patients that need some increase in volume as well as a lift, Dr. Freund has created the “Tear Drop Augmentation
mastopexy”. This technique reshapes the breast tissue, lifts the nipple, corrects for asymmetry, and enlarges the breast. The scars are around the areola and are almost imperceptible. During the
reshaping of the breast tissue, tissue is attached to the upper chest wall, thereby eliminating the hollow look to the upper chest.
Breast augmentation is among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures. A saltwater- filled implant is inserted into the breast under the chest muscle. The skin incision can be made in one of four positions (around the areola, under the breast, through the armpit, or through the belly button). After surgery, your breasts will appear fuller and more shapely. Incision scars fade
over time and are almost imperceptible.
Silicone implants have been approved by the FDA review board, and await final approval for use in all patients.

(when one breast is different in size or shape
than the other) is one of Dr. Freund’s specialties. Correction of an asymmetry can include many different procedures. Dr. Freund will sit with you and discuss all options to correct this type of
Because of the intense interest in breast augmentation, Dr. Freund has written an highly-acclaimed book on Cosmetic Breast Surgery. If
you cannot come to see Dr. Freund or live far away, this book will certainly be a big help in explaining all of your options.
Large, pendulous breasts are very problematic to the average woman. Woman often complain of back, neck and shoulder pain. The large breasts also cause the patients to suffer with skin irritations under the breast known as intertrigo. Bra straps leave indentations in the shoulders.
Many women enter a vicious cycle when faced with large breasts. As the breast get larger, they are more tired toward the end of the day, they are also increasingly self-conscious about their
appearance, these two issues make it more difficult to get into or stay in shape. Many women are forced to wear multiple bras when exercising. As the patient then gains weight, the breasts get
bigger, thereby making the symptoms worse and the solutions more difficult to attain. Breast reduction surgery reverses the cycle
making exercise fun, not a chore!
Breast reduction surgery removes fat and glandular tissue to reduce the size of the breast. Older techniques focused on skin excision to shape the breast. This philosophy resulted in sagging, flat
breasts as the skin stretched out. Furthermore, the large excision of skin resulted in unsatisfactory permanent scars. Newer techniques rely on rearrangement of the breast tissue (fat and glandular tissue) to create the breast shape, thereby resulting in a more durable, longer lasting perky breast. These new techniques
also remove fat in the armpits making these techniques look complete. The newer techniques require more skill than previous techniques, so choosing the right surgeon is essential. Dr. Freund
has eleven years of experience with the Lejour, Hall-Findlay and Goes techniques for breast reduction.
Reconstruction of the breast after mastectomy has been around for a long time. The procedures have been fine tuned and the results can be amazing. Patients can choose from using there own tissue to using an implant. The choice, of which type of procedure is right for you, will depend upon your own body type as well as your expectations. A consultation is essential to provide you with the necessary information in order to make an informed decision.
• Facial Prcedures
• Face Lift
• Nose Surgery
• Eyelid & Browlift
• Facial Augmentation
• Temporary Fillers
• Permanent Facial Fillers/Implants
• Dermabrasion
• Liposuction
• Tummy Tucks
• Body Lift/Thigh Lift
• Arm Lift
Personalized care is our standard. Picasso never painted 6 paintings in a row and we feel that our patients should not expect assembly line results.
Each patient is treated as an individual with unique concerns and desires. In our practice, you will be treated with meticulous care by one of the best plastic surgeons in New York, and will be educated as to all your options.
Our office is equipped with the latest technology in the field of plastic surgery. Our state-of-the-art surgical facility is certified by the AAAASF (American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Facilities).
Our PAL (power assisted liposuction) and ultrasonic liposuction machines offer the latest technology for improved results in body sculpting. Our endoscopic equipment allows us to bring you the latest minimal scar cosmetic surgery procedures.
Doctor Freund, recently named one of New York's leading plastic surgeons by New York magazine-candidly discusses all of the risks and rewards involved, different operating procedures and options, the right and wrong reasons to have surgery, choosing the right surgeon, pre- and postoperative care, and what to do if a procedure goes wrong in his book Cosmetic Breast Surgery.

Languages: English - Spanish

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