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Marcus Melvin, M.D., M.D.
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Breast Augmentation Portland Oregon Before and After Photos

Marcus Melvin, M.D.

Country: United States
State: Oregon
City: Portland
Contact between:
8:00 and 17:00 hours
Training / Credentials
Breast Augmentation Portland Oregon
Dr. Melvin is a board certified plastic surgeon with the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc. and has been in solo practice in the Portland area for over 20 years. He performs most of his surgery as an outpatient at St. Vincent Hospital. In addition, he has an office operating room for patients undergoing facial cosmetic surgery.
Breast Enlargement Portland
Plastic surgery has progressed to the level of being able to offer you what you want. When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss the end result you desire, and I will present the options of which operations would be suitable.
There is no one way, no one right operation; there are always several possibilities, some better than others, all with different risks and involvements. It is during the consultation that we decide together which procedures you like and which is best for you.
Portland Breast Augmentation
You have the choice to look better, less tired, or to lessen the effects of aging. Often it is the small things that make the biggest difference, like removing the bags under your eyes. You can have as little or as much cosmetic surgery as you decide on. I will talk with you regarding the options you have, the positive and negative effects of each surgical procedure, and your expectations. The choice is yours.
Breast Implants Portland Oregon

Certified By:
• American Board of Surgery
• American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.
Education and Training:
• Medical School:
• University of Otago, New Zealand, M.B., Ch B 1963
General Surgery:
• University Hospital, Boston, MA, 1965-69
Plastic Surgery:
• Norfolk, VA 1971-73
• Hand Surgery - Louisville, KY
Professional Memberships:
• American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
• American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)
• International Society of Clinical Plastic Surgeons
• Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons
• Fellow Royal College of Surgeons
• American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH)
• Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland
• American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME)
PROCEDURES in Portland
• Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement Oregon
The operation to make your breasts larger is a breast augmentation. This is done by lifting up all of your breast tissue, making a space behind the breast tissue, and placing an implant. The amount of soft tissue you have to cover the implant determines how well hidden the implant will be. So if you are thin, it is possible to put the implant underneath your muscle as well, to have more soft tissue covering. Usually you can be whatever size you want to be. I have been doing this operation now for many years, and it still ranks as one of the most successful of procedures, as judged by the satisfaction of patients.
• Breast Reduction Portland
(Reduction Mammaplasty Oregon)
Patients with large breasts are often uncomfortable. They have problems with backache, painful shoulders, grooving of the shoulders from the pull of the bra straps, and also pain and heaviness of the breasts which is usually worse at the end of the day. The operation to reduce the size of the breasts is called reduction mammaplasty. It is possible to remove as much breast tissue as you like, and I think it is wise for you to consider having small breasts postoperatively, to reduce the stretch and sag as you age.
• Peri-Areolar Mastopexy, "Purse-String"
Mastopexy, "Breast Lift", "Benelli Lift" Portland.
This is an operation to reshape and reposition the breasts, which gives a full, round, higher breast. This is a flatter, rounder shape than the other type of breast-lift surgery – which involves more scars, and gives a more projected, cone-shaped breast, and tends to sag more after surgery.
Although the scars with the purse-string type will be only around the areola, the scar will be puckered and wrinkly to begin with, but will improve with time, over many months, and may never totally smooth out. This purse-string stitch is very important. It is used to support the healing wound, and limits spreading of the scar after surgery. Many patients find taking out a wedge on the bottom part of the breast gives a better shape and you have less wrinkling around the areolar. This incision heals very well.
• Breast Ptosis (Sagging) Oregon
There is a difference between true ptosis, where the nipple is below the fold and the breast sags down and droops, and a completely low breast where the entire breast is low on the chest wall.
If there is true ptosis, with the nipple below the fold, the nipple has to be raised up and skin removed to tighten the skin-bra. This repositions and reshapes the breast.
There are basically two types of operation to tighten and reshape the breast.
The one with the least amount of scar is where the incision is just around the nipple, and a doughnut-shaped ring of skin is removed around the nipple, and a purse-string type of stitch is used to tighten and pull the skin in and close the wound. While this surgery has only the one scar around the areola, this scar tends to be wrinkled with the skin gathered or pleated around it, and may spread and become wider with time.
The other method is to move the nipple up and remove some skin from the lower part of the breast. This gives a scar around the nipple and in the shape of an inverted “T” under it. This method does give a more cone-shaped breast, with a smaller, tighter skin-bra.
• Removal of Breast Prothesis Portland
Some patients have decided they want their breast prostheses removed. The decision may be due a variety of reasons, commonly because their life style has changed, they are older and so have inevitably gained weight, or a smaller breast seems more appropriate for them. Additionally, some patients feel threatened by the hysteria presented in various media about the safety of silicone prostheses
OTHER PROCEDURES in Portland Oregon
• Facelift (Rhytidectomy)
• Mid-Facelift
• Neck Lift
• Neck Suction (double chin)
• Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)
• Lower Blepharoplasty (Puffy Lower Eyelids)
• Brow Lift (Endoscopic)
• Coronal Brow Lift
• Facial Implants
• Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
• Liposuction (Suction Assisted Lipectomy)
• Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
• Labioplasty
• Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

• Fat Injections

• Lip Rejuvenation

• BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections

• Buccal Fat Excision

• Calf Implants

• Pectoral Implants

• Chemical Peel

• Skin Products

• Laser Resurfacing

• Scar Revision

• Laser Hair Removal

• Carpal Tunnel

• Hair Replacement

• Laser Hair Removal

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