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Leonard W. Gray M.D., F.A.C.S., M.D.
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Breast Augmentation San Francisco California Before and After Photos

Leonard W. Gray M.D., F.A.C.S.

Country: United States
State: California
City: San Francisco
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San Francisco Breast Augmentation


Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in San Francisco


If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider learning


About Dr. Gray's practice.


Dr. Leonard Gray M.D., F.A.C.S. is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Surgery, and specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, face lifts, eyelid surgery, tummy tucks and more.  He is an active member of the California Medical Association, the San Francisco Medical Society, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), as well as a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.


Breast Enhancement San Francisco


Dr. Gray earned his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees at the University of California, Berkeley; completing his undergraduate studies with honors in Biochemistry. He then attended the University of California, Los Angeles Medical School, receiving, upon graduation the prestigious and highly coveted AOA Research Award; one of only five medical students in the nation to receive this distinction.


Breast Augmentation San Francisco Bay Area


At Harvard University, where Dr. Gray fulfilled his residency in General Surgery, he was Chief Resident in his final year. Following his residency at Harvard, Dr. Gray was privileged to be accepted for a Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship under the tutelage of Dr. Harry Buncke, acknowledged in the medical community as the “Father of Microsurgery”. Dr. Gray then elected to complete his training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Saint Francis Hospital in San Francisco because the primary focus of their program is Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Gray’s chosen specialty.


Breast Implants San Francisco


It is important to Dr. Gray that his patients are active participants in the process leading to surgery. Because it is the patient’s particular needs and goals which determine the procedure to be selected, Dr. Gray places great emphasis on the mutual understanding and clarification of those needs and goals.

Dr. Gray operates mostly out of Seton Hospital in Daly City, although he has privileges at several hospitals in the Bay Area. He specializes in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.


San Francisco Breast Augmentation Surgery


Dr. Gray is a well known plastic surgeon in San Francisco. He is well respected for his expertise in plastic surgery in San Francisco. We welcome you to explore all the exciting options available with Dr. Gray as many patients have done when looking for a competent and compassionate plastic surgeon in California.


Breast Surgery Bay Area California


Patients often travel from outside their area of residence to have plastic surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area with Dr. Gray. They make the effort in order to have a safe, secure, successful, rewarding experience with plastic surgery in California.


Breast Enlargement San Francisco


Dr. Gray's practice is located in the heart of beautiful downtown San Francisco, just one block away from Union Square. There is ample parking in the building, a Bay Area Rapid Transit subway station two blocks away and a cable car stop up the street.



Societies & Board Certifications


Dr. Gray is an active member of the following:


• American Board of Surgery


• American College of Surgeons


• The American Board of Plastic Surgery, inc.


• American Society of Plastic Surgeons




Breast Augmentation San Francisco


If you are considering breast augmentation surgery in San Francisco, this site is a good resource. Breast augmentation is very popular in California, and Dr Gray specializes in the perfection of this procedure. Dr Gray has an extensive experience with breast augmentation, and is considered by many throughout California to be an exceptional surgeon in this area.


Breast Augmentation Surgery


The goal of this surgery is to give patients the look they desire with an absolute minimum of scarring. Dr Gray considers an operation to be a success if the incision site is hardly visible and the patient has a natural look that she can be proud of both in and out of clothes.

Dr Gray always discusses with patients the risks of the procedure and the details of the recovery during the office consultation. In addition, there are multiple follow up visits after breast augmentation surgery to continually evaluate and help the patient during the

recovery process.

The goal of the office consultation is to provide an educational experience regarding breast implants that is informative, pleasant, and thorough so that a patient can best decide if this is the right surgery for her.


Learning more about Breast Implants and the Breast Augmentation in San Francisco

If you are interested in learning more about breast implant surgery in San Francisco, consider scheduling a consultation with Dr Gray. At that time he will be able to review the latest knowledge about breast augmentation in California. During that visit he will also help you choose which style, size and shape you prefer. Before your visit is complete, his staff will be able to review costs and scheduling issues concerning the procedure you wish to pursue.


Tiny Incision

Although breast augmentation surgery can be performed with incisions under the breast, in the armpit, and at the edge of the areola, I prefer a very small incision at the edge of the nipple. This is the smallest incision available for breast augmentation surgery. When healed, the scar is barely detectable. In well over 2000 implant placements with this tiny

incision, I have never had a patient lose nipple sensation. Patients often ask me how I can get the implant in through such a small incision. The answer is that the implant goes in deflated and rolled up so it can fit through the tiniest incision.


Redo Breast Augmentation

Patients see me for Revision of Breast Augmentation for a variety of reasons. Some feel that the first surgery with another surgeon was not performed to their satisfaction. Some desire a change to the size or shape of their breasts after a first augmentation. A few come for correction of capsular contracture. Whatever their reasons, I can usually help them to achieve the look that they desire.


Tubular Breast Anatomy

Some women are born with what has been called Tubular Breast Anatomy, or "Snoopy Nose". Often they do not know they have this condition, they only know that they do not look like other women. I have developed a technique that I use in surgery to help the breast tissue unfold and expand to accommodate a breast implant. The result is a look that is natural, graceful, and beautiful.



Many women are embarrassed that one breast is larger than the other or differently shaped than the other. The truth is that almost no one has breasts that are perfectly symmetrical or identical in size. I take great care to examine and measure all patients for breast symmetry and size. I take time to explain to them the things I can do surgically to correct these differences. The result of the surgery is a look that is balanced, evenly shaped, and very beautiful.


Silicone Implants San Francisco

Silicone gel implants are available to some patients. However, silicone gel is highly

regulated by the FDA. Not every woman is a candidate for them. In general, a candidate for silicone gel is one who has tried to use saline filled implants, but who is not able to tolerate them. Many silicone gel candidates have thin tissues, tubular breast anatomy, or problems with capsular contracture. I will be glad to examine you and let you know if you are a candidate for silicone gel breast implants.


Breast Augmentation With Lift

Some women desire breast implants, but are afraid to discuss the issue because they have breast laxity and fear that implants will make them droop further. The truth is that many women achieve a fuller look and a partial lift with a correctly shaped and fitted implant. However, for some an implant needs to be accompanied by a modified breast lift called a Binelli Lift. The perfect time to do this lift is during augmentation surgery! The only incision line left after this surgery is a very tiny line around the edge of the areola.


Binelli Lift

This procedure is often performed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery. The Binelli Lift is accomplished by making a small incision around the edge of the areola and carefully removing excess skin. The result is a firmer, more shapely breast with a smaller areola and a nipple that is positioned in the center of the breast. The best candidate for a Binelli Lift is one with mild to moderate breast ptosis or laxity.


Aerola Reduction in the Bay Area

Women who feel that their areolas are too large are often women who also have some breast laxity, or sagging. I can help both of these concerns with a small incision around the edge of the areola. Once I make this incision, I remove a slight amount of skin for a result that is perky, firm, and with a smaller, more beautifully shaped areola and nipple.


Breast Lift San Francisco

Breast Lift surgery can effectively correct loose, sagging breasts by carefully removing excess skin and raising the nipples to a higher position. The added benefit to this procedure is that the breast is often restored to a firmer look and feel.


Breast Reduction San Francisco California

Breast Reduction surgery can restore an enlarged breast to a smaller, shapelier form by removing excess skin and breast tissue. There are two methods of accomplishing this.


Breast Reduction with Liposuction

Women with mildly enlarged breasts, who still look perky are the best candidates for reduction by liposuction. These women have good skin tone to their breasts and do not have an over abundance of breast glands, but simply have a generous amount of fatty tissue in their breasts.


Nipple Eversion

Many women tell me that they know their nipples do not look like other women's, but they have no idea what the problem is. Nipple inversion occurs when the milk ducts are shortened and pull the nipple slightly into the breast


OTHER PROCEDURES performed by Dr Gray in San Francisco California


Plastic Surgery:

• Liposuction

• Liposelection

• Tummy Tuck

• Full Tummy Tuck

• Mini Tummy Tuck

• Gynecomastia

• Arm Lift

• Thigh Lift

• Belly Button

• Labioplasty


Facial Surgery:

• Face Lift

• Mid Face Lift

• Forehead Lift

• Facial Implants

• Buccal Fat Pad

• Upper Eyelid

• Lower Eyelid

• Asian Eye

• Nose

• Prominent Ears

• Ear Lobes

• Injections

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